Las Vegas… the test.

The day finally came for our first trip and boy were we excited!   With bags packed early, we were ready for our first adventure.   Oh wait.. that’s only Cathy that packs a week ahead of time.  Lee and Debbie pack the night before OR the morning of (Lee.)


Our signature picture before the trip is always the same,  bags packed in the car and a snap shot before leaving for the airport.


Vegas here we come…after making it smoothly through TSA we board the plane.  Thank goodness for Southwest Airlines and nonstop flights.

Unfortunately, things don’t always run as smoothly. Upon departing the airport in Vegas we sadly found out that our pre-booked limo ride to the hotel was overbooked and we would have to wait two hours.  So we waited in the cold, believe it or not, in Vegas for two hours.  Then when the limo arrived we were thrown in like sardines in a can with our luggage strapped to the outside.  Oh well, it was a ride to where we were going.


Really we weren’t quite this mad, but we decided to take a mad face picture for fun while waiting.  Anything we could do to keep body heat going, because as the sun went down in the desert it was c~o~l~d!!

Fast forward a few hours, after being shuttled to the hotel, and this is our fabulous view our rooms at the Monte Carlo.


Then we hit the town in the city that never sleeps. Literally, never sleep

After seeing all we could see at the end of a really long day we decided to find a place for dinner.   We ended up at “El Diablo.”   Contrary to it’s name, it was heavenly.  We enjoyed authentic Mexican food and of course authentic Mexican drinks for Deb and Cathy.

After an undetermined amount of time in the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino we called it a night and went up to our rooms to get a good few hours of sleep before our first big day in Vegas.

End of day one….day two here we come!

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