I’m Cathy…and I am #3!

Hey y’all I’m Cathy, the oldest of the three travelers. I’m also the crazy one, but that’s okay because Lee is the brains, Debbie is the sweetness, and together we are the perfect mix.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Chuck, for 44 years. Together we have three wonderful children and six grands.

Let me start with my hubby. Chuck is an interesting guy to say the least, a mix between Larry the Cable Guy, Clint Eastwood and Dr. Nye, The Science Guy, (got the picture?), but he loves me and spoils me and together we are great. Like Debbie’s husband he is glad that I am finally able to fulfill a dream with Three Girls Travel. We are living the dream!

My first born is Robert. He is very much his father’s son. He is an RN and because that does not keep him busy enough, he flips property and has a lawn service.(I’m not really sure when he sleeps.). He has my heart and my respect.

Since Robert had the first grandchild the responsibility of the naming grandparents fell on him, thus I am Gigi and Chuck is Pappy. Robert has three great kids, Ethan, Nathan and Sally. It is my blessing to live nearby so they stay at Gigi’s often and I love it.

My middle child (she really hates that term) is Sarah, AKA Bubbly. She never meets a stranger (don’t know where she gets that.). She can take a flea market find and turn it into a decorating treasure. Watch out Jojo!

Elijah and Bella call her mom,but it should be SuperMom. Being a single mom keeps her hopping but she always puts her children first. I’m sure they will inherit her fun, fearless, adventurous spirit.

Sarah was the baby for 12 years and along came Elizabeth who is my “I’d rather hunt than play with Barbies” type of girl…but she did spend a lot of time with dad. Despite that,her passion was dancing. Elizabeth also married her high school sweetheart Chris. He joined the Marines and they moved away. After Marine life they moved home to Arkansas. This is where James was born. James’ story is the stuff books are written about. He was and is a miracle. “Our Journey with James”, is an amazing story in itself. (Ourjourney141..Wordpress.com). Sweet James is now four years old and lives next door to Gigi and Pappy.

This is a little glimpse of my family and my life and I love it. Now onto the adventures of Three Girls Travel!

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