New friends in unexpected places….

You never know where you could find kindred spirits.   This time it was in Waco, Texas the last morning of our trip.   Our plan was to go to “Butter My Biscuit” but they were closed.  We were so disappointed because we really wanted to go to their brunch.  So our next choice was Olive Branch at Spice Market.

As we walked in we spotted a small table in the corner and proceed across the room.   As we were passing through we heard a voice saying, “Hey, I like your shirts, do you all travel together?”   There sat three ladies at a table and our conversation started at that point.  They asked if we wanted to get a table for six and that’s just what we did.   We found a large table and had a delicious breakfast together.

Three Girls Travel, our new travel friends and our lovely server who made our breakfast possible and took care of us.


During the course of the next two hours we exchanged stories about ourselves and our families as well as our travel adventures.   We learned that we are all very similar.   They have been traveling together for seven years and had been interested in blogging but did not know where to start.    We shared our knowledge of blogging (as limited as that may be.)   At least we could tell them how to get started.

We discussed places to travel that were close to us and they shared the same.   They are from Arizona and loved sharing places nearby that would be fun to visit.   Since we have not traveled to Arizona that is a place we would like to explore. We hope to meet in Branson, Missouri at some point, which is a trip we all had on our travel lists.

We left finding spirit sisters and we cannot wait to possibly plan some trips where our paths will meet again.


To our “travel sisters” if you reading this,  know that meeting y’all our final day in Waco was the highlight of our entire trip.

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