Food in Waco…..It’s G-O-O-D!!

There are so many excellent food choices in Waco with a lot of very different types of restaurants and young entrepreneurs in the area with unique ideas.

Our first choice was George’s, which we have already blogged about.

Our next great pick was Vitek where the BBQ is about as good as you will find. It’s been in business for over a hundred years, starting out as a butcher shop. Their special is the “Gut Pak” so Lee and Deb had half a gut pak.

We also tracked down a great taco food truck, Las Trancas (Chip Gaines goes there for tacos.)  We decided to take the advice from our Waco Tour guide and try Torchy’s Tacos for their cheese dip, aka “liquid gold.”

Brunch on Sunday morning was at Olive Branch in The Spice Market.






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