I am thankful for…

A thankful thought from Cathy…..

I am thankful for modern miracles that come in the form of medical research and clinical trials. Without this a little boy named James would not be here today. Almost five years ago James was born with an ultra-rare genetic disease.  This would be a terminal diagnosis except for a clinical trial.  Years of research preceded this trial and made it possible. Today James is alive and going strong.  Miracles are happening every day in labs and hospitals around the world by those who dedicate their lives for a cause.  God is still performing miracles today.  You just have to know where to look.  For this I am thankful every time I look at the smile on my grandson’s face.

This week on Tuesday was “Giving Tuesday.”   We are thankful for people who give monetarily and of time for those who need help when they have nowhere else to turn.







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