Sometimes things don’t go as expected….

The week of our Waco trip Cathy suffered all week with sinus problems but thought she was getting better as the travel day came.  Friday night, our first night in Waco, she had irritation in her eyes and thought it was mascara, until she took her contacts out. At this point she realized that she was getting an eye infection.   img_4330

After a long night, first thing Saturday morning Lee got on the phone and found a nearby walk-in clinic.   We took Cathy to Premiere Urgent Care in Waco.  They advertise quick care and man do they mean it.   It was 8:00  a.m. and we had a tour scheduled  across town at 9:15. We mentioned that and they were so accommodating.  This place even had a little refrigerator with complimentary sodas, water and juices.   They also had a coffee bar along with charging stations. We were there a total of about 30 minutes and then we were on our way to the pharmacy to get Cathy’s prescriptions.




So,  Cathy with one contact, no make-up and sometimes sunglasses on a cloudy day,  along with Debbie and Lee set out to explore Waco, determined not to let this ruin our trip.

Out of all our trips this was the first time for a need of medical attention,  We kept our heads and figured out what to do, just as we would if we were at home.






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