Road Trippen to Pawhuska, Oklahoma…

Pawhuska, Oklahoma…You may ask – Why would you go there??  To see “The Pioneer Woman” of Course!

Our trip to Oklahoma started with a BANG…literally!  As we waited on Deb to finish up at work we noticed the sky was looking anything but friendly.  The thunder and lightning were putting on quite a show as we loaded up Debs suitcase.  The start of our first road trip was off to an interesting beginning.  To make things more interesting as we were leaving Little Rock Deb realized that she had left her phone at work and we had to turn around and go back to get it.

We pulled off the interstate to gas up and looked for a bite to eat. We settled on Whataburger which is usually a great choice but of course not on this night!  With that being said we got food and got back on the road.  Before long we arrived in Bartlesville, where we were staying.  Nothing is ever easy for Three Girls Travel, but maybe that is part of the adventure.  Not even Siri could come up with the location of our rental.  We were glad the first place we were directed to was the wrong place…since it was a lot with a shed on it!  We finally got in touch with the owners who informed us that, “oh yes, the goggle maps are wrong for that address.”   That would have been nice to know (their directions have been since updated), but they were helpful and guided to our destination.   We stayed at an Airbnb Condo called the Union Square Loft-Gramercy 2011-3, owner Lea Davis.  We would recommend this rental highly.   It was very clean, reasonably priced and safe.   We got unloaded and settled for a good night sleep before our busy day on Saturday.

A little history of Pawhuska before we go……Pawhuska is nestled in the open prairie of northeast Oklahoma and is located in Osage County. The pace of this little town is slow and laid back, the people are friendly and the food is really good.  But the main attraction for Threegirlstravel is that Ree Drummond a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman lives here!  Who doesn’t love The Pioneer Woman?  This little town that was just about dried up has blossomed back to life and created so many jobs in the community and tourism is off the charts.  The old brick buildings that adorn the main street were on the verge of falling down have been repaired and restored to their glory days.  The Town seemed to buzz with excitement and there were smiling faces everywhere.  Not only is Osage County larger than either Delaware or Rhode Island, it’s also been home to the Drummond family for over a century. In fact, the first Drummond in Osage County was Frederick Drummond (1864-1913) who came to the area in 1886. Although he found little success as a rancher, he was still able to make a living as a clerk at the Osage Mercantile Company in Pawhuska – the very same building that the Pioneer Woman renovated and opened on October 31, 2016!

Up early and off to Pawhuska which is about 30 minutes away from Bartlesville.  We decided (unanimously I might add) to eat breakfast when we arrived at the Pioneer Woman’s Bakery that is located upstairs in the Mercantile.  The one thing we did not count on was how many choices we would have to chose from in the bakery, mmm!

We shopped around the Mercantile located below the bakery for a bit and then got our free ticket to tour the Drummond Lodge which is about 20 minutes outside Pawhuska.  Yes we did say FREE ticket to tour the lodge where the Drummond family gathers for meals, parties or just to hang out and of course where the The Pioneer Woman’s show is filmed.  We were amazed that this family would open up their lodge (and pretty much their lives) for people to come and go through for free! There was no room that was off-limits and you could stay as long as you wanted.

As we drove out-of-town and proceeded to the highway, we saw miles and miles of ranch land and were amazed at the beauty of the open range.

Twenty or so miles down the highway we found the turn off and we just thought we were almost there.   We drove and drove down the gravel road and across many cattle guards before we finally made it to the lodge and the view was beautiful.

The pets of the Drummond Lodge.  Even the dogs were hospitable and made us feel welcomed.

After we toured we went back to Pawhuska and did a little shopping downtown.

This road trip was so much fun and we recommend this as a must do trip!

As beginners to  blogging we love that Ree Drummond began as a blogger and now her entrepreneur world is limitless. Maybe standing at her stove will bring us luck!


This Picture has turned out to be one of our very favorite picture of Threegirlstravel

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