Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness started for many at Ellis Island by way of Lady Liberty


When traveling to Liberty Island and Ellis Island security is not something to be taken lightly.   Security is as intense as TSA for the airlines.  After all, this is one of our nation’s treasures and we were proud to endure any inconvenience it might take to get there.img_3773




In a place with millions of people and millions of additional tourists, what are the odds that you would run into the same people you saw the day before at the Empire State Building?  Our new friends from Uzbekistan.


Ellis Island was very stirring, informative and interesting.  Just to think of the scope of people who came to our country through this island.  We could not help but think about ourselves and how we worried about getting transportation from one place to the other on our vacation.  In comparison, think about the courage it took for people to set off on a boat to a new country not knowing anything about it or anyone there.  These were courageous people.

Both islands are so beautiful, we wondered what those people who came here thought, did they notice the beauty or was it overpowered by the fear of the unknown for them.  The three of us each checked to see if any of our relatives came through these doors and there were none.  But we are thankful for those who did come to the “Great Melting Pot” of the world and the contributions their families make in our society.


The Statue of Liberty is more than a monument.  She is a beloved friend, a living symbol of freedom to millions around the world.  She is a tribute to the people who created her, those who built and paid for her, to the ideas she represents and the hope she inspires.                                                                                       -Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.


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