You have to get up early to be on a New York morning show!!

Our very first day in New York City and it had to be on the day when they had a heat wave and when they say heat wave….. they mean heat!!! The heat index was 105 degrees and with all of the concrete, man was it hot!  We had a to be at the Kelly and Ryan show to line up and wait.. the heat…for about one hour AND then inside for an hour… after only three hours of sleep and no breakfast.   Finally, we were into the studio for a fun show with Kelly and Ryan with guests Rob Lowe and Jennifer Garner.

We were very hungry and thirsty and headed across the street to the Magnolia Bakery.  Delish!  The pictures say it all.

Not wanting to waste a moment in New York we got on the Hop On/Hop Off without changing into cooler clothing.  We realized that was a big mistake.  Our straight hair and pink faces would attest to this.  But off we went to get our bearing of New York City on the Hop On/Hop Off.  Here are a few pictures of our “around the town” ride.

We did find a New York pizzeria and had to have a slice!

Then we  walked around the corner to the Pandora store to get our customary travel charm.

We decided we were close enough to walk to the Hotel.  You would have thought we were stranded in the desert it was so hot.   On our walk half way we spotted a McDonald’s and a sweet tea was calling our names!


We sat in the cool for a while and discussed our plans for the evening.  After cooling off we hit the road walking again.  By the time we got to the hotel we all needed a well deserved shower and rest before our dinner and show.

We decided to go to Bond 45 which was located in our hotel.  It did not disappoint!.

The first show of our trip was Anastasia.  It was, of course, fabulous.

We dropped back by Bond 45 on our way to our room to have dessert.

We saw a few sites on Times Square and then called it a night.


Goodnight Lee…

Goodnight Debbie…

Goodnight Cathy…

Goodnight New York.

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