Fare thee well Boston, fare thee well!

Nothing like opening a Mike’s Pastry box for breakfast!  Hey, it’s the last day, why not?

Carb’s…it does a body good!

We had traveled many, many miles around Boston but we had not been to the Bunker Hill Monument which was just blocks away from our front porch.  So, we decided we could not leave without walking down and exploring to monument.

img_1385The dog in the picture is Bean Town Barney.  He was so playful and greeted us as we  walked up to the Bunker Hill Monument.  He is so popular that he has his own Facebook page.img_1405A picture looking from Bunker Hill out toward the city.Our neighborhood as we leave.

We called an Uber to take us to Rowe’s Wharf to store our luggage at the water taxi office and go for one last walk to Quincy Market to have a cup of clam “chowda” and do some shopping.  This is the only day that it was very windy and cold.  Thankfully it waited until the last day to turn really cold.  We went across from Quincy Market to the Eleanor Roosevelt Rose Garden.

So we have to say that one of the reasons we chose  Boston in the Fall was for the beautiful fall foliage which should have been present had the temperatures not been in the 80’s for the month prior to our arrival.   However we did get a couple of pictures of the fall foliage….it was the best we could do…😳

SO……we will have to return to New England at a later date to find our fall foliage! We made our way back to Rowe’s Wharf to catch our water taxi to the airport.  Debbie had a bit of a problem getting her suitcase up the ramp and that was only a foresight of things to come.

After finally lugging her suitcase to the airport then the fun began…not for Debbie, but for Lee and Cathy.    Debbie bought a few too many souvenirs and her suitcase was a bit overweight.  The only option was opening up her luggage in the middle of Logan International Airport and moving some of her things to Lee’s neatly packed (and underweight) carry on.  Debbie wound up having to wear about three jackets at the same time and Lee’s bag weighed 13 pounds more…it was one heavy bag to tote!

We have added one essential piece of equipment for future travels….no more overweight bags!!  Thank you Cathy!


And the troubles did not end with the overweight bag. When the “carry on bag in question, that weighed 13 lbs heavier”  was scanned it was pulled out for a search.  Apparently, in x-ray cookies look like small explosive devices.   Deb was praying it was not something that came from her bag that caused the ruckus.img_5935img_3988Finally we got through security and on the plane.

Until we meet again…..Goodnight Boston.

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