Start of another day in Boston with coffee on the deck.


This is day three, catching the bus to get close to the first Hop On/Hop Off site and then a day of hopping on and hopping off in the city.  We caught the tour bus (now we are experienced in getting around Boston) and rode the whole tour.  First stop we got off was Cheers.  A little known fact is that the outside of Cheers was filmed at one location, a real working restaurant, and the interior bar was actually in another location inside Quincy Market. We decided to go ahead and have lunch at Cheers.

After leaving Cheers we walked directly across the street to Boston Commons.  This is Boston’s version of Central Park, over 50 acres which at one time had sheep on it.


We then walked around the corner to Deluca’s Market. This is the oldest grocery store in Boston, a market that operates exactly as it did in the 17th century.  We also saw many historically famous bars and taverns.

We then hopped back on and went across to the area of the North Church, Paul Revere’s house, Little Italy and the most suggested place by locals which was Mike’s Cannoli’s. Never go to Boston without stopping at Mike’s.

On to Paul Revere’s house where we took a tour  inside.  We sat in the courtyard of the Revere House and ate our cannoli’s.


The infamous cannoli throw down in Paul Revere’s courtyard and we were not ashamed.

After we ate our cannoli we walked from the Revere House around to the North Church and Old North Memorial Garden which has dog tags of fallen soldiers.  We went inside The North Church which was pretty amazing.

As we were walking out we noticed that there was a tour of the bell tower and the crypt.  We hurried to get our ticket and got right in.   Another little known fact is that Paul Revere rang the bells in the bell tower and climbed all through the top of the church, thus knowing exactly where to put the lanterns, as in “one if by land, two if by sea.”

After climbing up the bell tower and down through the crypt we had worked up an appetite.    We walked down the cobblestone road to Florentine’s, an open air café in Little Italy.  We sat at a window seat and had a serenade by a gentleman playing an accordion and singing “Mi Bella Mia.”   We got lasagna which was fabulous.

Belly’s full we headed back to Prudential to see the night view of the city.

The view was amazing and certainly worth the trip back to the Prudential.  It’s a must do when in Boston.  We had a City Go Card which gave us access to many places unlimited.  This was one of the places available on the card.

Back again to our home away from home in Charlestown to get packed up and ready to leave in the morning.

Goodnight Lee, goodnight Debbie, goodnight Cathy….

Goodnight Boston for the last time.

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