Trains, Buses and Subs…It’s the best way to Travel in Boston!


Our Friday the 13th morning began with a race down an alley to catch an early bus, but, as usual, we were at the wrong location (right street, wrong corner looking the wrong way) to catch the bus we needed so we missed our bus and had to wait a while for it to come back around.   An hour later or so we finally got on our correct bus to go to the South Station,  which is the hub where buses, trains and subways converge.   Not knowing anything about the routes, we depended on a lot of nice Bostonians to help us find our way  to the Prudential Center.  Being from Arkansas, we are not accustomed to such travel throughout the city but we loved the experience.   Once we made the trip several times it was really quite easy to get around.




On to the top of the Prudential Center for an absolutely spectacular view. Cathy who has never been in a high building in her life, because she gets vertigo and falls over, made her first trip to high places.  She was so proud.



While at the Prudential Center of course we had to take a walk through the mall where we found the Pandora Store.   It was at this time we decided to make a travel bracelet, getting a charm for every place we travel.  That was the start of our travel bracelet tradition.  We got the Boston charm and ordered the Las Vegas charm to catch up.



After the Prudential Center it was time to get to the harbor district for our luncheon sightseeing cruise.  We called an Uber to get us across the way because it was a little farther than we wanted to walk and we were on a time schedule to get there.  If you are ever in Boston we would highly recommend a luncheon cruise with Boston Harbor Cruise at Rowe’s Wharf.   It was fabulous and the Captain and crew were very informative and fun.



Our shared Uber to the wharf was with a lawyer from Boston who was happy to give us suggestion on places for dinner.  We definitely took her up on the suggestion of Ocean Prime which is a 4.6 star restaurant in the harbor district.

Even though we had a full day of buses, subways, and boats we were not exactly dressed for Ocean Prime and definitely felt underdressed, we were assured there was no dress code.  They treated us like queens nonetheless.  (We were a little relieved that the lighting was low!) The food, ambiance and service was indeed 5 stars in our books!

On the way home we saw Debbie’s favorite object of photography in Boston….the Bunker Hill Bridge.


Friday the 13th ended without any bad luck…

Goodnight Lee, goodnight Debbie, goodnight Cathy…

Goodnight Boston.



4 thoughts on “Trains, Buses and Subs…It’s the best way to Travel in Boston!

  1. I’m so glad y’all enjoyed Boston! If you decide to return, take the trip to Salem. You’ll appreciate the interesting history. And that really means something coming from someone who doesn’t particularly find pleasure in history lessons 😉

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