Have you ever been to Boston in the Fall, Yall?

Planning for this trip began as they always do, sitting around a table and brainstorming. On the menu this time was Chinese.  A unanimous decision made….That’s right we’re going to Bean Town!img_5815 Upon searching we realized we did not take our usual  “on the way to the airport picture.”  Perhaps it was because Deb had to work and we picked her up at the office on the way to the airport in a rush to make our flight.  At any rate, we did make it to the airport in time. We made it through TSA once more without any challenges.  Notice Lee has coffee and Debbie does not.  Later you will understand the significance of this….

The photo bomber was our flight attendant.  These were the smiling faces as we boarded.  It did not take long for Deb to check out the back of her eyelids. If only she had bought one of those coffee’s..

Again….you take your beauty rest whenever and wherever you can get it.  Lee and Cathy never pass a chance at taking a picture of Deb when she is getting beautified! It’s okay because we arrived at our lay over in St. Louis refreshed.    Changed planes and then on to Boston.  As we arrived in Boston and the scenery from the air was beautiful.  Little did we know how short the runway at Logan International Airport was…we came to a stop in a hurry after touching down.  Because of repairs one runway was solely used and planes departed and arrived at a rate of about every 15 seconds. We arrived in the late afternoon and what a sight is was from the air.

After collecting our luggage, we were on our way to the transportation line to meet our Uber. Debbie had a little mishap with her large suitcase which got stuck in a rut in the road.   One moment she was up and the next she was down!  There were so many limo drivers running to her rescue, especially after Cathy screamed, “Oh no, she has a new hip!”   The limo drivers picked Deb and her luggage up and got her across the road and we proceeded on to find our driver and get to our rental house.   You would think after that nothing else could happen right!?  Wrong!   We found our driver and he dropped us off at a beautiful row house with a bright red door.  We all thought this is perfect!  Our check in time was not for another hour so we decided to sit on the stoop and enjoy the neighborhood.  Even the lady next door welcomed us and was surprised that the house was a rental.  We explained to her that we rented the house through Airbnb.com and she was interested in renting it for her family during the Holidays.   As we waited we appreciated the newspaper that was “left for us” on the front porch.  We all took a section and read the paper to pass the time.  Cathy decided to peer through the front door window and get a lay of the house.   All of a sudden she said, “There are people’s things in here, kids shoes on the floor, skateboard in the hall and plates on the bar.”  Then as we looked at each other our faces said it all, “Oh my, we have been sitting at the wrong house for over an hour.”   We were surprised we were not arrested.img_3192We all jumped up, gathered our luggage, and hurried off to find our actual rental house.  Upon looking we see the cross street is actually our street (a cobblestone alley), so we pulled our luggage down the cobblestones, sat on the front steps and made ourselves at home.img_3191

Nothing prepares you for living in the 16th century like lugging your bags up three flights of stairs like these…they were narrow and steep!  Now we know why people did not own very much back then. img_3407We got settled in and decided to explore the neighborhood, get dinner, and find a Charley Card for our transportation on the bus and subway for the trip. We asked some locals in Charlestown, the historic community in which we were staying, about a good place to eat and they guided us to the 76 sports bar and grill, which was “in walking distance.”  We found out at that time walking distance in Arkansas and walking distance in Boston are totally different.  They walk everywhere!  Right over there, or right down the road might mean 3 miles away!

After a delish dinner our mission now was to find the Charley Card Kiosk, which took us to the community college where the nicest young lady offered to help us.   She not only told us where it was located but walked us there and explained to us the difference in the cards and help us decided which would be best for us.    With Charley Cards in hand we walked through the neighborhood on our way back to the house.

The beautiful monument  on Bunker Hill that looks like the Washington Monument was steps from our door and was like a beacon that always led us home.  Goodnight from Bunker Hill in Charlestown.

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