Day 3 – Desert Days and Venetian Nights

img_3380.jpgThe morning of day three we boarded a Gray Line Tour bus headed to Hoover Dam, riding through the desert and seeing all of the beautiful scenery that is so very different from where we live.  We passed places with interesting names such as Boulder City.

Our tour guide was a retired pilot and boy did he have an abundance of information to share.   We enjoyed his commentary mixed with humor about every little detail along the way to Hoover Dam including stories about sheep that show up at Burger King  the same time every year and area 51.

Once at Hoover Dam they let us just explore and learn about how the dam was built and how it works to this date.   The expanse of this dam is unbelievable.  Just to think that men built this dam without the use of computer technology to design it is mind boggling.  All calculations were made by people…not computers and was finished two years ahead of schedule.  Cathy had a great affection for going there because her grandfather helped in the building of the dam.  It was here that we got to stand with one foot in Arizona and one in Nevada.

Needless to say on the trip back we were not as talkative as on the way out, especially Deb.  We need our beauty rest wherever we can get it.


Welcome to Las Vegas!!

Everyone knows that when you go to Las Vegas you must go to the Venetian for a gondola ride.  The Venetian is definitely a place you must see if you are in Vegas.

Then dinner, shopping and after an undetermined amount of time in the casino, we turned in for a little bit of sleep before departing.

(Asking for a garbage bag for take off will always insure no one else but your friends will sit with you on the plane.)

On the flight Debbie asked, “Well girls is this something we want to do again?” and the response was an overwhelming YES!  We passed the test of compatibility for travel!


Our first trip was a huge success.  Thank you Vegas for a fun, busy, and exciting trip.


The week after we got home we planned our next adventure. Any guesses where that would be?

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