Day 2 – The Tourists Have Arrived!

April Fool’s Day began with an all you can eat breakfast at the Monte Carlo and it was wonderful. How can you go wrong with a breakfast bar that runs all night?\



Lee and Cathy’s breakfast. Debbie did eat breakfast but there is no evidence! Ha-ha.

Now to locate our Hop On/Hop Off tour bus.  If you have never used Hop On/Hop Off Tours, you have missed out.  For a small fee they let you hop on or hop off for one or more days, sightseeing as you go.  In Las Vegas the hardest task was locating the first hop on of the day.  Down the street, over the over pass,  through three different casinos we finally found our first hop on at Excalibur Casino.   This normally would not be hard to find unless you are Lee, Debbie and Cathy from Arkansas.  Upon finally finding it we met our tour guide, Arnesto.


Our day was full of sunshine, fun and photos galore on the open top tour bus!

This is day two highlights,  but what did not make the cut for photos was the M&M store, probably because we were too busy “sampling” M&Ms.  Also an “undetermined amount of time at the casino.”


Debbie’s favorite game, Cathy’s says, “I’d rather not talk about it.”

Later that evening we went to “The Las Vegas Show.”   Lots of very talented people who put on an excellent old style Vegas show about the Rat Pack. We are all pretty skeptical about this show but the price was right and it included a before the show dinner at PBR Grill.   We were pleasantly surprised about how fabulous it was.


After the show of course we were “snacky” so we returned to El Diablo for an actual cookie sheet of loaded nachos and Debbie and Cathy may or may  not have had to partake in another Mango Jalapeno Margarita.


After an undetermined amount of time in the casino, we returned to our rooms to call it a night.

Day three to come….goodnight from Las Vegas.



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