Getting to know Lee…one of the Three

IMG_0696Howdy Yall!! I’m Lee..the youngest 🙂 of this travel band better known as threegirlstravel. Debbie, Cathy and I are so excited to share our travel adventures with yall, but first I want to share a little bit about myself and my family so yall can put a face to my name….so here we go! (Bear with me..I use the word Yall a lot due to being a Southern Gal 🙂 )I have been married to my husband Marvin for almost 33 years and live in a little community in Arkansas. We have one daughter Mary Margaret (she goes by Maggie) and we also have a Mini-Aussie…her name is Marlee and a host of cats.

Maggie has been married to her husband Dustin for 3 years. I always tell everybody “If I had a son I would want him to be just like Dustin” He is an awesome fella! They don’t have any children as of yet (I have my fingers crossed it will be soon) but they do have a sweet pup named Hazel and a host of cats. Maggie is a RN and works with Home Health. She is a wonderful Nurse and her patients love her. She also has her own online bath-bomb business called “Magnifiscents”. She also has a beautiful voice and has made a CD….”Turn up the Music” Dustin works in Law Enforcement and he serves his community well. He is super funny and loves to pull practical jokes..especially on me! I love my family and they mean the world to me!
Marvin and I love to camp and fish whenever we can get away for a weekend. We also enjoy going to Branson, MO and try to go there at least twice a year. We are huge Professional Bull Riding Fans (Y’all, if you haven’t attended one of these events…it’s a must!) and travel to see them every chance we get.
Marvin is a musician and plays the guitar beautifully. He loves to garden and he is a hobby chicken farmer.
IMG_0695I love to spend time with my family and friends. I like to work in my flower garden and work on furniture projects. I also like to shop for antiques (some folks in the South call this junkin’), and listen to good music!Marvin is not big on traveling….there is no way I am getting him on a plane that would have to fly over the ocean nor will he get on a boat if he can’t see land! He knows that there are places I want to see (which would require both types of transportation) so he told me “you should find you some travel buddies” and with his blessing I did just that because I love going on adventures!One evening about 2 years ago I reconnected with my friends Debbie and Cathy for dinner and this is where threegirlstravel began. We have been on several adventures and we are looking forward to sharing each one with y’all in the weeks to come.
So….Y’all come back now Ya hear :)Just a few more family pic’s before we go…….
This next one is one of my fav’s!!
Lee & Maggie

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